Clutch in right hand! Trail running around Agnes Water & Town of 1770, Queensland.

In the first half of 2016 I was frequently running the same road route for 2 hours on a Sunday – often in Queensland’s exceptional heat and humidity…. I wouldn’t carry any water and – in spite of encouragement and jokes from other runners and triathletes – wasn’t so keen on drinking out of the “dog taps” along the beach front. Why I didn’t invest in some portable hydration earlier, I do not know! One of my “go to” options now for a short run – or a run where I know I can fill up en route, is the Ultimate Direction (UD) “clutch”.

Here are the features of the handheld clutch as described by Ultimate Direction:

Soft and breathable XXX Mesh strap
Secure pocket for valuables
Reflective accents for visibility
Cross bungee retention makes bottle removal easy
Body Bottle Plus included
Weight: 2.5 oz. / 72g
Capacity: 4.3in3/ 0.7 L

The main appeal of this for me is that it’s really lightweight and with the adjustable strap, it fits so comfortably around your hand. I’ve used it on multiple runs and once you get going, you barely notice it. It’s also really easy to drink from while on the go, and comes with a collapsible, 500ml soft bottle so that as you drink, the volume in your hand reduces. The bottle stays put thanks to the size and bungee cords and the liquid doesn’t slosh around in the bottle either – which is something that really irritates me with other hard plastic alternatives. I’m generally not a fan of holding anything while running, so it says a lot for the ease and comfort of use with this little piece of kit.

It also has a small zip pocket integrated into the pouch – handy for a car key or a gel. My GoPro Hero Session also fits in there, just! UD have thoughtfully included a little clip in this pocket, so you can attach a key, while removing another item, without your key falling out. They’ve also included a hair tie in the version I have… can’t say I’ve used it, but you never know eh.

It’s a small gripe and most likely just be an issue unique to me, but the bottle top can be a bit fiddly to screw on straight if you’re trying to fill and go on the hop. That being said, my husband will testify for the fact that I’m super lazy when it comes to screwing tops on properly and many a milk bottle has sloshed onto our kitchen floor as a result…. Yes, I confessed.

All in all – a great purchase. As a side note, I like the colour of mine too! I’m not commenting on the price tag as it’s a subjective thing – it’s not cheap; but it works a treat and I see it lasting for a good long while of running adventures. I purchased mine at an event Expo, and Doctor Google will help you find them online – stockists in Oz include Injinji and Wildfire Sports. A fantastic grab and go hydration option.

If I’m looking to carry more water for longer trail runs, I’ll take my much loved Salomon S Lab pack – review to follow.


Spot the clutch… Sunday social trails with the NUTRs