I’m a Scottish lass living in the slightly warmer climes of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. I share a lot of my adventures with my husband, Morgan, and border collie (a true Scottish dug from Aberdeenshire), Megs.

I’ve grown up playing team sport – lacrosse, hockey, shinty – and throughout my adult life have become like a magpie to a new sporting challenge each year. I swore I’d never run a marathon, but trained for a half with my husband and thought, why not – let’s just keep going (no training plan = first half 1hr 45, shortly before blowing up and taking a whole 5 hours – rookie error). I could barely swim the length of a 50 metre pool without gasping for air and decided to take up ocean swimming, which led to a number of ocean events and eventually my Bronze medallion; occasionally “saving the lives” of people who were a little out of their depth at Bondi – or often just debating with blokes who insisted they were fine as they were floating out in a rip, sinking a little more with each breath. To triathlon – thinking I was all about sprint distance and then six months later somehow finding myself lining up at Busselton 70.3 (half ironman – 1.9km swim; 90km ride; 21km run). And now, finding a real passion for trail running, discovering that I love to run “long” and planning some big things in the years ahead. Oh, and all of this amidst realising I should have started CrossFit years ago – I love its diversity, its high intensity and the challenges that come with Olympic lifting. And of course I love the community too; no, it’s not a cult, honest…says everyone in a cult, I know, I know.

In 2013 I jumped the corporate ship, leaving my days as a Marketing Manager at a Telco in Sydney behind, in favour of retraining to obtain my Australian Canoe Sea Kayak Guide quals. I paddled on Sydney Harbour most days – taking out guided kayak tours; assisting in lessons, and also teaching Stand up Paddle as a qualified Flatwater SUP Instructor.

So, it’s fair to say, I’ll give most things a go – as long as they don’t involve claustrophobic spaces or crazy heights – I’m a wimp with those two.

As a result, I’ve accumulated a fair array of gear – and spend a lot of time reading online reviews in the lead up to my purchases. I also find a lot of fellow active folk asking me for recommendations. So, I figured, why not start a place of my own to contribute to the review community. The reviews are interspersed with the odd race or adventure report – I’m that person who looks repeatedly at the course and elevation data before a race, and laps up all the race reports I can find, just to get as much insight as possible before lining up on the start line. So here it is, my female perspective on an independent gear testing site.

If you’ve any comments, feel free to leave them, and maybe if you’ve some gear you feel strongly about and would like to contribute a guest review – give me a shout.

*oh and that’s me with our 1976 VW, Luna – Morgan, Megs the dog and I lived in her for 6 months travelling around  the Australian coastline, surfing and SUPing – that’s where a lot of the camping gear reviews come from.

Happy adventuring & racing, Sarah xx