So, before I review these rings (which – I highly recommend), let’s put things into perspective. I’m no Simone Biles (*refer to images of rookie ring efforts). I started CrossFit almost two years ago now and have been CrossFitting on and off – with the training balance changing depending on my triathlon training. We have zero CrossFit/gym/weightlifting kit in our house, but we do have these rings.

In short – I really like them. The wood is super easy to grip. I’m pretty sweaty when it comes down to it, but they have a nice feel and are a nice width – compared to the narrower plastic rings I’ve used in boxes/gyms. I don’t really need chalk on these – especially if I use my grips – which is good, because I’m pretty sure my husband isn’t looking for our deck to be covered in the white stuff.

Also, let’s be clear – I’m using them for pull ups, ring dips, general monkeying around and am just learning to kip. I don’t have muscle ups. But, one day, I hope these rings will be home to muscle ups. Aim high.

The best things about them for us as a piece of home kit are:

  • They are on a strap like a strap you’d use to tie your surf board to the car. This means they are super adjustable and we can take them down within a minute. I promised my husband this was a selling point as they wouldn’t be permanently hanging over our deck – but let’s be honest; they’re permanently hanging over our deck. That’s just my laziness though – they are honestly really easy to take down.
  • You can adjust the height very easily because of the ratchet – low for ring dips; high for pull ups – whatever you fancy.
  • They’re very sturdy. We’ve had visitors of all shapes and sizes hang off them (they’re suspended off a metal strut on our roof) and I have zero fears about them failing to hold us.

As usual, I won’t comment on price as it’s subjective but we’ve had these hanging outside undercover for a few months now and they haven’t shown any sign of deterioration and continue to serve their purpose beautifully (which is the odd play around each week, in spite of my daily intentions to hit pull up/ring dip goals!).

ring dip

Concentration face & mandatory double chin heading into another dip!

I bought them from the Australian site, The WOD Life, which in my experience offers super quick shipping and good service. No complaints at all.

Product images taken from The WOD Life site, plus specs below:

  • Top quality wood gym rings
  • 350-400kg max load (tested)
  • Inner Ring Diameter: 17.5cm (6.9inch)
  • External Ring Diameter: 23.5cm (9.25inch)
  • Ring Diameter: 10cm