Well, with a little extra time on my hands thanks to #iso and COVID-19, I’ve returned to my much neglected love for reading books and thought I’d share my current top choices with you, if you’re looking for some literary inspo.


The Pants of Perspective, Anna McNuff

The book which triggered my interest in fast packing long distance trails. Anna’s accounts of this are – as with all of her adventures – wildly entertaining and beautifully honest. And I can’t wait to explore sections of New Zealand’s Te Araroa trail, if not all of it, once our borders reopen. 

Running and mindset:

The Happy Runner, David and Megan (and Addie) Roche

As an incredibly fortunate individual who has been lucky enough to call David my coach, and be a part of the super human, but likewise totally-authentically-human, SWAP (Some Work All Play) community, this book embodies everything that David and Megan Roche stand for.

Get some perspective on running and training and some great tips to take you that extra mile – if that’s where you want to go… if not that’s also okay – you are perfect as you are! Have fun with it.

Adventure racing/mountain biking:

Rusch to Glory, Rebecca Rusch

I just loved this account of Rebecca’s journey to mountain biking fame. If you think you’re too old or a challenge is too big, or maybe you don’t even think you’re that big into the sport you’re doing – read this and be inspired to take on new challenges, regardless of age or circumstance. 

Enormous Adventures:

Dare to Do, Sarah Outen

An incredible story of a strong female adventurer, circumnavigating the world via kayak, bike and rowing …. A really wonderful account of the absolute rollercoaster of emotions that an enormous undertaking like this will bring. Not to mention the lasting impact on your life – Clue: not all positive. 

Self Development, Spiritual Growth and “Mindset”

The Gifts of Imperfection, Brene Brown

Having initially been introduced to the marvellous Brene via her Netflix doco, I’ve been a big Brene fangirl ever since. “Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be and embrace who you are.”

The Universe Has Your Back, Gabrielle Bernstein

This has been a real game changer for me. It’s no secret that I’ve turned to daily yoga and meditation in iso, and this has been a beautiful book to explore while aiming to develop my self care and self love game. I actually “read” this one by listening to a chapter at a time on Audible, making heaps of notes and following the guided meditations. Open your mind and explore your universal connection…. You never know how it might change your outlook on life.

Mindset, Carol Dweck

Last but not least. Can I use the phrase “game changer” twice? Wow, I’m still reading this one, but it’s blowing my mind. Some incredible research and a very readable take on learning about different mindsets in all courses of life. It’s super readable and should have wide appeal. If you’re only picking one of these books, maybe this is the one?

And without realising it, I’ve picked an almost exclusively female authorship…. Those are my suggestions, hit me up with yours? Stay safe. Sarahx