An old microadventure on the water, back in my days of kayak guiding. Good memories!

Swell Haven

Take a solid few weeks of work; mix it with some keen kayakers; add two days off work – the result? An impromptu overnight kayak camping trip to a secret campsite only accessible by water.

We’re so lucky in Sydney that you don’t have to travel too far before finding yourself immersed in National Park and paddling under the sunshine in beautiful, peaceful waters.


– Stunning paddling territory and a super high tide making all sorts of estuaries accessible to us in kayaks

– a broken bridge allowing us to paddle into an estuary not previously accessible at any water level

– taking my own Boreal Design Baffin kayak on its first camping trip – this is what it is made for after all

– fish that fling themselves a mile out of the water into the air in front of your boat… I’m easily amused.

– sunshine…

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