Extract from Instagram: @allthegearnaeidea

Sandstone Wilderness 600: the evolution of a helmet stencilled forehead tan and some Outback sun induced ageing.

The stats don’t mean a whole lot to me as none of them can convey what it’s like to lug 30 odd kilos of bike offroad all day long, solo, in the relentless sun; the crystal clear, heavenly chill of a waterhole nor the smell of roadkill baking in 39 degree heat as you cycle by… but, for those keen to know some numbers, here we have some arbitrary info for you 🤪

Distance in Brian 🚙: approx 2000km
Distance on Celeste 🚲: 608km, 3900m vert, more than 50% offroad/4×4 routes
Distance by 🚂: 9.5 hours 
Distance hiking in sandals 🩴: 43km, 1207m vert
Longest day riding: 10 hours offroad (136km, 8+ hrs moving time)
Max temp: 40C
Min temp: 8C 
Wildlife highlight: stripy emu babies
Wildlife lowlight: wild dogs (or dingoes?) howling around my tent in the darkness of the night while not-so-stealth camping 
Magpie swoops: countless
Conversations with cows: numerous 
Cold water gifted by strangers: 5 litres 
Onions received: 1 
Flats: 0
Mechanicals: 0 (apart from wrapping an old piece of metal through my rear wheel on my final ride)

I feel like I’ve mainly just shared the “luxury” parts when I’ve been in signal – so, day by day recap to follow for those interested 😊