So, you want to look like a female Terminator? Here is your answer!


All jokes aside, while these glasses do make a big statement due to their size and flashy lens, I absolutely love wearing them. After much internal debate as to whether or not I wanted to wear such distinctive sunnies, I bit the bullet and bought these a year and a half ago. Since then, they’ve been a pretty constant attachment to my face during triathlon training and racing. I love the coverage, offering great sun protection, and I love how well they seem to ventilate, so I can confidently see the road ahead without that awkward steam up.


Definitely big on the face, but great coverage – loving it.

Oakley advertise these glasses with the following benefits and I tend to agree:

1.”A field of view like never before”
I agree – although there looks to be a lot of frame on these, you don’t notice it at all while you’re wearing it. The huge, single lens offers an unobtrusive view – especially useful while cycling out on the road.

2. “Engineered for full protection”
The wrap around style and large lens is perfect for both protection from stones or flies while out on your bike, but also I love wearing these in Queensland’s sunny climate for riding and running – no crows feet while your face is so covered… or one can hope anyway!

3.”Engineered for maximised air flow”
Okay, so, I am a very sweaty Betty. Without fail, I get super hot while training and in the past have really struggled with sunnies steaming up on my face. These are absolutely brilliant with little vents allowing air in and stopping that pesky steam up. The only time I find them steaming up is if I’m really hot and take a break – but the minute I’m moving again, I know they’ll clear up.

4.”Change lens in seconds” and “adjustable stem design”
I have to confess I haven’t tried removing the lens, so can’t comment, but I do know fellow athletes who have switched theirs out without too much trouble. And, as for the adjustable stem design, I haven’t changed mine since it arrived, but I find these really comfortable to wear and not a problem at all with my bike helmet.

So, it’s fair to say, I reckon Oakley have really delivered with the Jawbreaker. Other little things I love include how light they are and how well they fit, without creating any uncomfortable pressure points. I also absolutely love the PRIZM Road lens – I feel comfortable wearing these in a whole range of light conditions, and they perform brilliantly in low light. I’ll leave the house on an early morning ride, and even with just a hint of sunlight, they brighten things up enough to be able to wear safely. In bright light, they also perform really well – magic.

I’ll continue to pick these as my favourite bike glasses, and while I do wear them running too, if you’re looking for a less aggressive look – I’ll review the Oakley Radars which I often opt to wear while running trails – somehow thinking they’re less robot like while being at one with nature! I have the PRIZM Road Lens in my Radars too – it’s just so versatile.

Finally, as ever, I won’t comment on price – it’s so subjective. But, I have easily hit my money’s worth out of these glasses – and would wholeheartedly recommend them. Big thumbs up.

You can find more info on the Oakley website.

mooloolaba tri

In a world of pain at Mooloolaba Tri. Sunnies going strong. Me, not so much.


My “go to” glasses for racing