If you happen to have read my Oakley Jawbreaker review, you’ll have gathered I’m a big Oakley fan. In the past I’ve also worn Oakley Holbrooks day in, day out, while working as a Sea Kayak and SUP Instructor on Sydney Harbour and day to day I can often be spotted wearing my Frogskins while out and about.Β The main theme running throughout for me with Oakleys is how lightweight and comfortable the frames are, and how fantastic the lenses are in a whole host of light conditions.

oakley radar

So, today’s focus is on the Radar EVs. If I’m not out on the bike or a run wearing my Jawbreakers, you can almost guarantee I’ll be sporting the Radars. It may seem a little extravagant to have both styles, but I confess I found a pair of the Radar EVs in a shop at a factory outlet, massively discounted as they were “imperfect” although we couldn’t even find the flaw! Winner winner chicken dinner. Like the Jawbreakers, the Radars offer a neat, wraparound style which you can guarantee will not shift from your face while training, but while being a neat fit, somehow don’t offer any pressure issues either. Like the Jawbreakers, they have interchangeable lenses, although I haven’t yet given this a go as I’m super happy with the existing lens.

The smaller overall frame and lens style, compared to the Jawbreakers, may well appeal to you if you’re looking for less of the Terminator look. The coverage is still really good with this style and I never have any steaming up problems when I’m on the move thanks to the great airflow. Like any glasses, if I stop while I’m super sweaty, they’ll potentially steam up, but once I’m moving again – bam, bye bye steam. The low profile design also offers great peripheral vision and visibility while running, or riding trails and road.



The Radar EVs sit really neatly on the face with a visor, cap or bike helmet

In terms of the lenses, I have the Prizm Road lenses in my Radars (same as my Jawbreakers) as I 100% rate it for both low light and bright conditions. My husband has the Radar EVs with the Trail lens (also purchased with a good factory outlet discount!) – which definitely brightens things up if you’re out on lower light mountain bike trails, for example, but I don’t feel they give quite the same benefits in brighter light conditions and you have to get used to seeing the world in bright yellow (no exaggeration there). The Prizm Road, in my opinion, feel like a stronger all round lens. Of course, it depends what your priorities are and the environment you’ll be wearing these most in.

All in all, if you’re looking for a great wraparound pair of sunnies for outdoor activities like running or cycling, you definitely can’t go past the Oakley Radar EVs for a great fit and a speedy vibe.

Morgan wearing Radar EVs (Trail lens) while I’m wearing the Jawbreakers with the Prizm lens

Probably a better shot of the dog than our sunnies – but Prizm Road versus the Trail lens. It doesn’t look it, but the Trail lens (worn by Morgan here) really makes the world very yellow!

Yep… they feel this good πŸ˜‰

beer mile

Oh and yep, they come well recommended for the Beer Mile too, isn’t that right Morgan?!

What’s your favourite pair of sunnies for running? Comment below – I’d love to hear from you.