When I rocked up to my first ever windtrainer squad session a couple of years ago with the Noosa Tri Club, firstly, I didn’t really know what a windtrainer was, secondly, I was wearing running shorts because I wouldn’t be seen dead in tight lycra and thirdly, my socks were of the low, no show variety… Oh how times change!

I now have a sock drawer full of cycling socks – long ones – to compliment my brightly coloured cycling lycra, not to mention I’ve spent many quality hours sweating on the living room floor on my windtrainer…

Here are a few of my top picks:

1.Ridge Supply
These guys have a bright selection of really neat fitting socks. There’s not much padding in the sole at all, which I like, as they fit comfortably into my bike shoes and stay put at a “respectable” bike sock height. You do pay a little extra to ship to Australia from the USA but I’d say it’s definitely worth it.




2.This is Cambridge
Made by a UK based cycling company, these have a similar fit to the Ridge Supply pairs, although on the thinner side (not a bad thing in hotter temperatures) and sit nice and tight.

Also twin well with Border Collies

Yes my shoes need a clean… and yes you’ll get the “your socks don’t match”  #dadjokes…

From Australian based, MAAP, I bought these as my inaugural pair of “proper bike socks”. I still absolutely love their simple design, although they’ve lost a bit of their hold in place-ability over repeated washes. I don’t hold that against them. They fit pretty long if you have short legs like me.


Lightweight, breathable and a little added compression. These “Pro Racing Socks Ultralight 12g” have been my go to socks for triathlon – transitioning really comfortably from bike to run. Just make sure you gather them up before you put them on so you don’t rip a hole in them as they’re pretty thin, hence super breathable and lightweight. Definitely my pick for hot rides.


You can never have too many socks, so what are your faves? Let me know!