Running along while awkwardly reaching down and pulling the rapidly rising legs of your shorts back towards the earth; ain’t nobody got time for that!

I have a decent sized backside and some pretty meaty thighs and in spite of the influence of gravity – the commonly 3 inch style compression shorts just don’t cut it for me unfortunately. I mean, they look alright when I’m standing like a statue in the changing room… but the minute I break into a run, or a squat, or worst of all, a burpee workout (…tricky to test out in the changing room), those bad boys have rapidly gone from “shorts” to indecent underpants. And while they may say “sharing is caring”, nobody out on the trails or in the CrossFit box needs to see that much.

I love some of the Nike compression short prints and patterns but sadly have found them to be only in the 3 inch style. If you search in Australia for Nike 5 inch – you get one option, solid black – or maybe solid black plus a neon waistband. That’s it. As a result, I’ve been on a mission to find some longer, 5 inch styles which give me the freedom to run in while staying put and add a bit of colour to boot.


Too short for anything but stretching at home…


Maximum movement allowed – slight wiggle

The following are tried and tested across long runs, sprint sessions and CrossFit workouts – both gymnastics style and lifting. Yes, I have included some solid black options as not everyone is comfortable with patterns on their bottom half and there’s no harm in choice. Also, just to flag, I would prefer to wear looser shorts when running sometimes, but the inner thigh chafe.. ooph, nobody needs to see that either. In no particular order, here are my top choices to date:


You can shop around but have a look on the Nike Australia store.

Let’s start with the black ones… In Australia, you pretty much have on offer the solid black version from what I’ve found, or a black with a neon yellow waistband. Look around overseas for a couple of other solid, dark colours, but no patterns from what I’ve found so far. I’ve worn this style for a long time now as it’s a reliable 5 inch cut, with minimal ride up and a good waistband. The fabric is also pretty sturdy which means for reduced bum jiggle, if that’s something you’re worried about. Definite thumbs up to these. These are very minimal with no pockets at all.



I’ve written a separate review on these on the blog, which you can check out here. But in short (gettit), a multitude of colours and patterns are available in this longer style tri short. They include a little bit of padding designed for the bike, but not too much that you notice it at all when you’re running. I often just wear these only for running. A lovely soft, high waistband which keeps the muffin top tucked in and some handy wee pouch pockets on the back for a key, or gels, or your coffee cash.

SEQTRS_20170129_074143_953ewen maddock


When I wrote the SOAS review, I claimed they were my favourite shorts… Well, sorry SOAS it’s time to move over. These Oiselle ‘Stride” shorts are a gem! Gorgeous soft, stretch fabric, a fun print, a beautiful waistband and even a little pocket on the front. This pocket won’t hold your phone, but I use it for my car key all the time. Although they don’t feel tight like the Nike shorts or have the leg grippers of the SOAS shorts, they’re really pretty good at not riding up, especially when you’ve warmed up a bit and there’s some sweat stick factor. I love them!



Another black option from my experience but search around and you’ll find some other colours. These are the 5 inch option and are a pretty similar cut to the Nikes – same waistband style, length and zero pockets. I probably prefer the fabric to the Nikes though – it’s a bit silkier (without being like a pair of pyjamas, don’t worry!).



These tri shorts stay put on the run and the bike. They have a very minimal chamois (bike bum padding), and to be honest I don’t love them on the bike as I’ve found the semi shiny fabric to be a little slippy on the bike saddle post triathlon swim. I do however like the high, soft waistband and the fact they don’t ride up. The print may or may not be to your taste but there’s plenty of choice if you check out the website!




I hope that helps any similar legged ladies out there looking to run around in comfort! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch with any feedback or any better suggestions you may have – always keen to hear from you. Sarahx