Well, there was a lot of footage taken during the 7 hours 10 minutes which it took  me to run around the Isle of Tiree, so for now, here’s the 17 minute edit. This one may just be for the keen beans; the other runners and the people who want to see the beautiful Tiree scenery! I shall try and work on a short edit soon… Remember to watch in HD!

Enjoy the Scottish tunes. The second and third tracks are by bands who I’ve really enjoyed live, back when I was living in Aberdeen – Wolfstone and Camera Obscura.

You could potentially play buzzword bingo for everytime I declare how “beautiful” it is, or for everytime I point at the sunshine… but let’s just be clear, I wasn’t sure how hardy the new GoPro Karma Grip gimbal was that I was using, so the majority of the filming happened during the excitement of a sunny spell. This does not accurately reflect the percentage of bleak weather there was on the run! That being said, looking back on this footage just reminds me of what an absolute blast I had, weather and all. In fact, I think the weather just added to the achievement and the general sense of camaraderie! I do miss Scotland.

Oh and I’m so sorry to the guy who I captured falling over – the camera caught it, but I didn’t see it at all!! And as for my confusing account of which kilometre I was at… goodness knows why I didn’t look at the giant Garmin on my wrist; bear with me!

Thanks again to everyone involved – only a few of you feature in the credits at the end, but all of you – including you crazy people who made me realise Ultra Marathons are even a thing, have so much to be thanked for.

Enjoy! (Maybe get a good glass of red on the go first…). xx

PS. In case you missed it, you can find my race report here, which includes my gear list from the day.