There’s nothing I like more than testing out running gear from a brand I haven’t tried before, and LOVING it! Well, maybe there are some things on a par, but this isn’t a blog about the perfect coffee… or wine… or sunny days by the ocean… So, back to the running gear:

A couple of months ago now, I was super excited to receive a squashy package of rabbit goodness which made its way across the globe from the States. This is a Californian brand who manufacture all of their products within the USA. There’s definitely a feel good, human element to that local production, albeit of course from an environmental perspective I added a lot of air miles to Australia when ordering! You can read more about rabbit’s story and their interest in ethical, sustainable manufacturing here.


It seems that these guys had a pretty high presence at Western States this year, but you definitely don’t have to be in the elite field to enjoy their gear. So, here’s how I’ve found the stuff so far:

The Long Sleeve.

First thing’s first: as a self-confessed lover of a good pun, how can you resist a top named: “Sleevie Wonder“?! I’ve only tested two of rabbit’s running tops, but one thing that stands out for me is the fabric. It’s sporty, sweat wicking type stuff, but without that sometimes clingy, synthetic feel of other sporty, sweat wicking fabrics… An absolute joy to wear, and complete with thumb loops, I love this long sleeve for those chillier morning runs! I ordered a Medium in this style, and found it to be pretty loose, especially on the arms – which suits me as I tend to layer beneath it; but something to consider depending on how you like your fit.

Worn here with a short sleeved tee underneath. So comfortable!

The Tank.

If you happened to be looking for the perfect “active wear” run/sweat/workout and coffee crossover, well, here you have it. The aptly named “Freedom” tank again offers beautifully soft fabric, combined with a cute soft grey and white stripe, making it not only perfect to run in, but also to pull on with a pair of shorts or tights for those pre or post run catch ups. I love the flattering cut of this and, did I mention the soft fabric …..

Total comfort on a long trail run!

Now let’s not forget the accessories:

The Visor

Well if you have a keen eye and are into matchy, matchy, then you may have noticed the same colour scheme (known by rabbit as “Parasailing”) across the long sleeve and this visor!

Doubling as a sweatband thanks to the fabric band, and of course a really effective sun visor, this is becoming a well worn piece of kit for me. Made by the brand BOCO for rabbit, I love the simplicity of visors with elasticated bands, to just whack on your head and off you go. The visor is pretty lightweight; the colours are bold and cute and of course, you can’t miss the little rabbit printed on the front. Time will tell how long the elasticated band lasts for, but after numerous washes, it’s showing no signs of sagging or loosening (which is one issue I have had with similar visor styles in the past).  One confession though: the “rabbit” text on the back makes me slightly nervous I’m signposting myself as a target  – because, who else chases the “little bunny rabbits” in front of them? Not just me; no?!

Chase the rabbit?!

The Buff.

For the days with less sun around when I don’t need the visor! Anyone who runs with me knows I’m a huge fan of Buffs… Now, combine that with a cute rabbit print and sleek monochrome colour scheme, and you’re onto a winner. Megs approves too; can’t you tell?

Wet hair don’t care…


With the overarching theme of great feeling; good looking; high performing running gear, these items have definitely had me browsing the rabbit website for more! In addition to the wide offering of accessories, tops and tights, there are some really cute looking shorts in the womens range, but sadly for me, I think they probably lie a little too far into the “short short” category. If you’ve read my previous article on my favourite running shorts, you’ll know that thigh chafe is a battle I fight. If chub rub isn’t an issue for you (well then I’m envious!), and you’re a fan of the 2.5″ inseam, I would definitely check them out.

Full disclosure here: rabbit very kindly sent me these goods! Thanks guys x

Have you run in rabbit? I’d love to hear if you have, and don’t hesitate to shout if you’ve any questions on the articles I’ve tried and tested. Happy running!