While a lot of ladies around these parts may be blowing their cash in Lorna Jane, I’m just over here online shopping – racking up a massive cart total on oiselle.com That’s right, “add this, add that, oo i’ll add that, oh I love the look of that…” and bam, I’ll be eating bread and water for a few months if I hit “buy now” on the extortionate amount of running goodies I’ve virtually tossed into my trolley.

Think gorgeous colour ranges, divine fabric for sportswear and a really flattering cut – and that’s my experience of Oiselle thus far. And, as it happens, thus far I have made multiple purchases and pretty much love them all! Since I’m training for an ultra at the moment, I figure I’m spending more time than ever in running gear so why not be comfortable… plus there have been some great sale steals… plus whatever else I say to my husband when yet another box arrives in the postbox and I feel the need to make out that I’ve almost MADE money with the great discounts on offer and suppress my guilt that my “reduce/reuse/recycle” ethos has smashed into smithereens (again)… *cue husband eye roll and knowing smirk*.

The other feature I love if you’re online shopping on the Oiselle site, is that most of the items are reviewed by existing customers. These customers rate it and note the fit of the item (although most of the time I’ve found the clothes to be pretty true to size). As someone who laps up gear reviews, I definitely find this useful in the online shopping world.

So, getting down to business, here are some of my favourite Oiselle items right now. I’ve included the current link to the Oiselle shop where possible, so you can see better pics and more details if you’re interested. Remember, I am in no way supported by brands – these are all “solid investments” from my pocket money…:

  1. Stride Shorts

     I’ve reviewed the Stride shorts a little here in my top picks for running shorts for those of us with more substantial thighs. Great fabric; don’t ride up and have a little pocket, handy for keys or a gel. 

trail running shorts

crossfit oiselle shorts

2. Flyte Long Sleeve

Ooph, I have turned to this top at so many points this winter. Firstly, thumb holes – I’m a sucker for thumb holes. I do love the “Snap” colour but it comes in a range of colours I would not say no to; and the fabric – offers a little warmth on a Queensland morning but super breathable and lightweight and comfy and yes… I love it. The birds and the “fly” message are pretty cute too.

oiselle running

oiselle running

3. Lux Raglan Tee 

The lux material of this tee is to die for. Slight exaggeration there, but not too much – it feels absolutely amazing and is not only a great option for cooler, turning into sweaty runs, but also for stylishly grabbing that triple shot extra hot latte with a twist of turmeric at your local organic food store… I also have a luxe tank which I love. Again, some great colour choices and no need to worry about it grabbing you around the tummy or chafing underarms on long, long runs. I’ve worn it for a couple of 40km+ trail runs and the fabric sits wonderfully.

oiselle running

oiselle running

4. Flyout Tank 

This one is seriously going to come into its own come summer. The Oiselle collection seems to move pretty quickly so at the moment they don’t have the tank version on their online store, but there’s a tee here. The fabric is slightly see through to your sports bra, but when the humidity is pumping here in the summer, this tank is going to be my first lightweight choice for sweaty track sessions. Turns out I really like the Oiselle “Snap” colour…



5. Roga Shorts

I read a lot of reviews and subsequently had really high hopes for being able to run in the Roga shorts with no chafe, but alas, I trialled them on a humid 15km run and was reduced to a semi tearful, i’ve-just-jumped-off-a-horse-and-can’t-run-with-my-legs-together, bubbling mess. I just cannot run in loose shorts. However, they’re perfect for Crossfit, short runs and generally hiking about, with a little zip pocket on the back for a car key or similar. I love the lightweight fabric and the wide waistband. Let’s be honest, unless you’re totally ripped or exceptionally skinny, who doesnt love a wide waistband?!



6. Roga Visor

This visor is super lightweight and sits really comfortably.  Simple fasten at the back. Added road safety benefits of the fluro Snap colour. Winning.

oiselle running visor

oiselle running visor


I have no doubt that my Oiselle collection will continue to expand and with that in mind, a few things I currently have my eye on… (…amongst many things):

1.Okay, so if I ran along busy streets in the dark (I totally don’t) then this lightning layer looks awesome. Way nicer than wearing a hi vis meshy vest. Shexy.

2. Flyout long sleeve. The perfect option while warming up, I’m imagining, based on my love for the Flyout tank.

3. Lux track pants. Taking the humble “tracky b” to the lux level. Swoon.

The downside of this brand if you live in Australia is definitely the shipping fee and the exchange rate fluctuation, but keep an eye out for promos. As you can tell, I’ve really become a convert to Oiselle thanks to its high quality, super comfortable kit. I’ve a trip to BC, Canada coming up this Christmas, so who knows, I may have to pop across the border to Seattle to take a look in the Flagship store. It’ll be cold and it’ll be Christmas – not that I’m already working on the justifications for buying more; but how does that sound? Asking for a friend…